High Quality & Strength.
Low Price.

Introducing our newly formulated

1500mg high strength certified organic CBD oil.

Hand-crafted using our own farm-grown certified organic hemp, you won't find a higher quality whole plant CBD oil at a better price anywhere.


Certified Organic Vermont CBD. Wellness you can trust.


Third-party tested & certified

We carefully cultivate our plants using only what nature provides to create the best CBD products available today. Our products are tested for purity, quality and potency by independent third parties, and then certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers and the USDA.

We are often asked why we price our high quality CBD products so competitively. The answer is simple: Honest pricing is part of our mission to share the incredible benefits of our organic CBD botanicals with everyone.

Honest and affordable.

Vermont's clean air, soil and water combined with organic nutrients and minerals contribute to the purity, quality and efficacy of our products. Transparency in every step of our process means CBD you can trust.

Relief you can trust.

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All our CBD products are made with certified organic, full spectrum hemp extract

Here's what our customers have been saying about us.


I often wake up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep.  My mind races and I can't seem to settle it back down.  Since I've been taking one CBD gumdrop before bed, I find that if I do wake up in the middle of the night, my mind is quieter.  I am quickly able to fall back asleep again.  In the morning, I wake up relaxed and rested.  Not only are the gumdrops effective, they taste great too!

Lynn B., Waitsfield, VT


Meet the Farmers

Tonya Howell and Aaron Locker

"We are grateful to exist as a small family farm in this age of industrial agriculture, and proud to combine our good old fashioned hard work with Vermont's soil, air, and water to provide pure and effective botanicals with as many people as we can."